ACT for Alexandria

About ACT

To improve the lives of Alexandrians by turning ideas into action and resources into results.

In the fall of 2002, a small group of Alexandrians came together to decide how best to stimulate philanthropic giving to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in their community. 

One of the several catalysts was the availability of an initial sum of  money that the family of Norma L. Steuerle, a generous, long-time Alexandria resident, transferred to ACT after Mrs. Steuerle's tragic death on September 11, 2001.  After careful consideration, the group determined that a community foundation focused on Alexandria would be the right vehicle to make a deep, long lasting impact on their community. 

From its launch in 2004, ACT for Alexandria has proven its value as a community foundation. ACT brings the community together to elevate local philanthropic giving and engagement to new heights, supports local nonprofits working to aid the most vulnerable and develops solutions for our most pressing community challenges. 

Since its founding, ACT has continued to expand and adapt its programs and initiatives to meet the needs of the community. ACT initiatives include ACTion Alexandria, an online civic engagement platform, Spring2ACTion, 24 hours of online giving to support local nonprofits, LEAD, an executive coaching program, and IMPACT: Innovation+Philanthropy, an annual leadership development forum. 

For more information about ACT and its programs, please call 703-739-7778.