ACTion Alexandria

ACTion Alexandria, a citizen engagement website that launched in 2011, provides interactive tools that make it easier for residents to take a more active role in addressing community problems. ACTion Alexandria connects Alexandrians to the issues that matter most to them and provides a platform to be heard. 

The American barn raising tradition arose out of necessity. Neighbors came together to help neighbors build an essential element of family and community life because constructing such a large building required many hands. No one could do it alone.

ACTion Alexandria is part of a new kind of barn raising effort. The principles are the same--it takes many hands to build the community we want--but we now have access to new technology and tools that can help.

The citizens of Alexandria are a powerful force for collective action and know what needs to be done in their communities.Often, however, citizens don't have the right tools, information, expertise, or enough hands to make the change we seek. ACTion Alexandria was launched to help provide citizens with an online platform and tools to make community action and problem solving easier.

Questions? Contact:

Brandi Yee, Chief Program Officer