ACT for Alexandria

Alexandria Executive Director Roundtable Conversations

Alexandria Executive Director Roundtable Conversations

This two-part series will take place on December 16 from 9:30am - 11am and January 12 from 9:30-11am. By signing up for the December 16 session, you will be registered for the January 12 session too. Executive Directors are strongly encouraged to attend both sessions. The first session will help determine the content for the second one.

**Please note: this event is only for Executive Directors serving Alexandrians. Space is limited to 40 people.

We all know that the best-laid plans can go astray, and most of us have seen this play out in an organizational context this year. We struggle to translate theory and knowledge into the practice of inspiring people, to help our organizations realize a larger impact in the community, and to facilitate change with an eye toward improved performance. These facilitated discussions are meant to be a safe space for Executive Directors to come together to discuss the highs and lows experienced in supporting their staff, strategies for dealing with operational and strategic changes, and resources to explore future planning.

Take-aways include:

  • A collaborative safe space for open and honest dialogue
  • Sharing of effective leading practice
  • Exploration of competencies to guide and support our leadership development