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Strategic Giving and Tax Planning with Donor Advised Funds

2018 is the first year under the new tax law and there are changes that could affect how we think about our charitable giving. There have been several articles discussing a strategy called “bunching” that donors should consider as they do any year-end tax planning. Basically, you use your donor advised fund to “bunch” two or three years of charitable contributions in one calendar year to exceed the standard deduction that year. You can then use those assets in your donor advised fund to consistently support your favorite charities, even in years when you take the standard deduction.

Another Year of Critical Investment in Alexandria Nonprofits: ACT’s 2017 Annual Report

In 2017 ACT continued to support and strengthen nonprofits that serve people living in Alexandria.  Thanks to the generous support of more than 9,000 Alexandrians, including ACT’s donor advised fund holders, in 2017 we invested more than $2.4M in Alexandria nonprofits.  This funding enabled organizations to sustain their programs and grow. “ACT makes a clear impact in Alexandria, shared Tammy Mann, PhD, CEO of The Campagna Center. “ACT provides capacity building grants, which are vital to nonprofit organizations.

On Site: Friends of Guest House

On September 26, ACT for Alexandria and eight supporters visited the Friends of Guest House, an ACT capacity-building grantee. Friends of Guest House helps women successfully reenter the community from incarceration.  While their numbers speak for themselves – a 10% recidivism rate compared to the national 70% average – connecting with residents in-person and seeing the behind-the-scenes work that goes into supporting these women was inspiring.

UpCycle Site Visit

On September 19, ACT for Alexandria invited our supporters on a site visit to UpCycle Creative Reuse Center at the Durant Center. We were graciously hosted by new Executive Director Lexi Keogh and UpCycle board chair Lesley Harris. In 2017, ACT for Alexandria awarded UpCycle Creative Reuse Center a $10,000 grant. UpCycle’s mission is to inspire all people to explore and create by engaging the community in art-making experiences with reused materials.


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