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A Thank You and Farewell For Now from Kerrin Horning

Today is my last day as ACT for Alexandria's Community Foundation Associate. These past three years of working with ACT have been a tremendous learning experience. In my position, I had the opportunity to work with many of the nonprofits serving Alexandria during initiatives such as Spring2ACTion, as well as, work internally in many different areas of ACT. I am so appreciative of the experience I've gained and truly could not have found nicer, more collegial co-workers. 

"May You Live in Interesting Times"

“May you live in interesting times.” 

While the origin of this quote is somewhat disputed, it became prominent in the late 19th century as words from Joseph Chamberlain, a British politician and statesman.  Chamberlain clarified saying, “I never remember myself a time in which our history was so full, in which day to day brought us new objects of interest, and,…new objects of anxiety.”

A Pat on the Back for Alexandria's Nonprofits

Does the name Dan Palotta ring a bell?   Probably not?  But to those of us in the nonprofit world, he’s the standard bearer for promoting the value of nonprofits in our society.   As an author, entrepreneur, and humanitarian activist, Dan spends much of his time engaged in presenting reasons we, as a nation, need to be more supportive of nonprofits and the work they do.


You are amazing Alexandria!  On April 20th, over 8,300 of you joined together to make just under 12,000 donations to 153 deserving nonprofits serving Alexandria.  When Spring2ACTion was a mere idea five years ago, we had no clue as to how it would be received and how it might grow.  But our fellow Alexandrians surprised us from those humble beginnings in 2011 when Spring2ACTion raised $104,156 to a record-setting high of $1,337,493 this year--$60,600 over last year’s previous record.


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