ACT for Alexandria

Community Workshop

On Saturday, June 16, 2018 ACT convened 30 community members for a four-hour design workshop with Elgin Cleckley, Professor of Design at the University of Virginia.  The purpose of the workshop was to understand participant’s vision for Alexandria and opportunities for community organizations like ACT to realize that vision. 

The attached powerpoint summarizes the key activities and participant discussions from the workshop.  However, in reflecting on content, the following themes emerged:

  • Participants envision an inclusive community that is a national model when it comes to addressing issues around education, affordable housing and workforce development.
  • They value Alexandria’s diverse communities and neighborhoods; however, they are concerned about the lack of connectedness between communities.
  • They believe that everyone contributes to the vibrancy of Alexandria; and in particular, business leaders/entrepreneurs, West End and Arlandria residents, and immigrants are groups that ACT needs to reach. 
  • When challenged to consider what they would promote and advertise about ACT – nearly all of the groups positioned ACT as a community connector and bridge builder.  They see a role for ACT in engaging various communities and raising those voices for the benefit of the broader community. 
  • Finally, success is defined by measurable results (such as reduced unemployment or homelessness), more engaged citizens and the strength and suitability of community organizations. 

                                                       Design Workshop Final Report