ACT for Alexandria

Donor Surveys

From June 8-18 we emailed two surveys:

                                                   1. Alexandria Giving Survey

                                                   2. Donor Advised Fund Holder Survey

We partnered with Reingold - a marketing and communications firm - on the survey design and email campaign. 

The purpose of the Alexandria Giving Survey was to understand the motivations for giving, who people turn to for advice, and the degree of familiarity with donor advised funds.  We received 70 responses to this survey (25% response rate).  The survey was emailed to everyone who has given a donation to ACT (excluding Fund Holders) – a list of 276 people.  We also posted the survey to social media and asked respondents to forward the survey to friends.

The purpose of the donor advised fund holder survey was to understand fund holder motivations and their satisfaction with ACT, and to identify how we could provide more value.  The survey was emailed to 89 people; we received 28 responses (31% response rate)