The Giving Circle of Alexandria

Founded in 2004 in partnership with ACT, The Giving Circle of Alexandria brought together more than 300 women to combine their resources and knowledge to understand and meet the needs and hopes of Alexandria’s children, youth and families. In 2016, the Giving Circle decided to disband after fulfilling its strategic commitment to the community. 

The Giving Circle of Alexandria addressed the City's high-priority issues strategically to inspire social change. While they set out to enrich the lives of others, they found their own lives enriched beyond expectation! The Giving Circle collectively donated an astonishing $560,000 to programs and playgroups that have helped children and families in Alexandria. 

For it's final round of gifts, The Giving Circle decided to support organizations that work with young children and families in Alexandria. These organizations included: 

  • Healthy Families Alexandria
  • Reading Connection
  • Family Links Program of DreamDog Foundation

Watch the video below to learn more about how The Giving Circle worked with its members in the past to make an impact. 

The Giving Circle of Alexandria

To see a timeline of all of The Giving Circle's achievements between 2005-2016, please click here