Grants Awarded

ACT supports and encourages nonprofit excellence and strengthens leadership within nonprofits by awarding Capacity Building Grants that invest in infrastructure based programs and organizational needs.

In 2016, ACT invested more than $75,000 in grants for nonprofits serving Alexandria. In the past decade, ACT has awarded more than $800,000 in capacity building grants.

2016 Grant Recipients include: Alexandria Soccer Association, Alexandria Symphony Orchestra, Carpenter's Shelter, Community Lodgings, Offender Aid and Restoration (OAR) of Arlington, Rebuilding Together Alexandria, The Reading Connection and Together We Bake. Read more about the 2016 grantees here

Capacity Building Grants

These grants support nonprofits seeking to implement capacity building measures within their organizations. These tangible activities (software, equipment, marketing resources, consultant project, new staff, etc.) are linked to needs identified within the organization. 


This year, ACT awarded Capacity Building grants to seven nonprofit organizations serving Alexandria, totaling nearly $65,000. Grantees include: ALIVE!, RunningBrooke, SCAN of Northern Virginia, The Campagna Center, The Child & Family Network Centers, Together We Bake and Wright to Read. These grants will increase the nonprofits' effectiveness in delivering services through strategic planning, leadership development and volunteer management. 

John Porter, President & CEO of ACT with Dr. Tammy Mann, CEO of The Campagna Center and Walter Lukens, Campagna Center Board Chairman

John Porter, President & CEO of ACT with Tricia Sabatini of Together We Bake



In 2014, ACT gave out Strategy Implementation grants to eight nonprofit organizations, including Alexandria Seaport Foundation, Alexandria Soccer Association, Alexandria Tutoring Consortium, Carpenter's Shelter, Casa Chirilagua, Center for Alexandria's Children, Friends of Guest House and Space of Her Own, Inc. The projects being funded include capital campaign planning, board governance and training and strategic and fundraising planning. In total, ACT and its partners gave out almost $60,000 of capacity building funds. Congratulations to the 2014 Strategy Implementation Grant recipients.

John Porter, President and Chief Executive Officer of ACT presents a check to Casa Chirilagua 

John Porter presents a check to Alexandria Soccer Association

John Porter presents a check to Alexandria Tutoring Consortium


John Porter presents a check to Friends of Guest House 

John Porter presents a check to Carpenter's Shelter

John Porter presents a check to Alexandria Seaport Foundation


Alexandria Neighborhood Health Services

$7,300 grant to purchase a grants and contracts management software system to document, monitor and report on the 60+ sources of grant and contract funding the clinic receives.


$2,742 grant to purchase and implement additional donor tracking software modules to expand the functionality of their databases and web capabilities.

Center for Alexandria’s Children

$10,000 grant to build the organization’s development capacity and sustainability.

Child & Family Network Centers

$7,500 grant to improve the infrastructure of the organization, specifically training and updates to their finance and fundraising software systems.

Community Lodgings

$5,500 grant to purchase a high-quality donor management system to streamline fundraising functions and expand their donor and volunteer base.

Parent Leadership Training Institute

$5,000 grant for a facilitator to assist the board and staff to develop a strategic plan for the organization.

The Reading Connection

$4,000 grant to hire a grant writer to increase and diversify funds and revenue that supports the growth of the organization’s programs and infrastructure.

Space of Her Own

$6,250 grant to obtain finance, accounting and bookkeeping services to improve their financial management system.

Wright to Read

$7,000 grant for a facilitator to assist the board and staff to develop a strategic plan for the organization.

Compass Grants

ACT works in partnership with Compass, a leading consulting group to provide consulting services to nonprofit organizations. Compass leverages the expertise of alumni from top-tier business schools to provide business consulting services to local nonprofits. This year, ACT and Compass awarded micro strategy project grants to two Alexandria nonprofits. 

Computer C.O.R.E.

Board Development and creating a dashboard for performance evaluation. The Compass team will survey comparable organizations and available literature to identify the best practices in performance evaluation and measurement. They will help Computer C.O.R.E. develop performance metrics, at a high level, that are appropriate to its needs and consistent with the best practices in the industry.

Senior Services of Alexandria

Board Development and organizational performance evaluation and goal setting. The Compass team will help the board with annual goal setting for the organization, for programs and processes, and for key staff, including performance evaluation processes. They will review and update the position descriptions of the staff as needed.


Read about how to apply for the 2014 Strategy Implementation Grants here