ACT for Alexandria

Green Ideas Challenge Grants

ACTion Alexandria, the online civic engagement of ACT for Alexandria, holds an annual Green Ideas Challenge to gather ideas from community members for making Alexandria greener and more sustainable. Thanks to the generous support of The Dominion Foundation, ACTion has granted $15,000 over three years to support green ideas in the community. 

Past Green Idea Challenge Winners


Four Mile Run Conservatory Foundation: Kick the Habit: Jug and Water-Bottle Filling Stations for City Fields

Jefferson-Houston School: Butterfly-Pollinator Garden

T.C. Williams Watershed Warriors: Hands-on Wetlands Experience and Action Day for Alexandria Students

UpCycle Creative Reuse Center: Free After School Tinker Time: Reuse Experiences for Alexandria's Youth

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Jefferson-Houston School: Outdoor classroom equipment

Jefferson-Houston School: Initial stages of the new children's garden

Mount Vernon Community School: A series of signs along the school yard illustrating how clean groundwater relates to the health of the environment 

UpCycle Creative Reuse Center: An art and conservation unit at Cora Kelly School for kindergarden students

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Green Ideas Challenge Winners

Four Mile Run Community Fall Tree Planting, Community Member: Kevin B. 

Art and Nature Series, Community Member: Margaret W. 

School Wetland Garden Intiative, Community Member: Ana H.  

Recycling Bin at Ben Brenman Park, Community Member: Debbi K. 

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Little Green Fingers: Indoor Gardens at Lyles Crouch Elementary School, Community Member: Daniel W. 

Higher Achievement Community Garden, Community Member: Jacqueline H. 

Cadette Girl Scout Troop 5751 Water Habitat Restoration Project, Community Member: Stephanie W.  

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