ACT for Alexandria

Be an Ally


Do you seek to promote racial equity as an ally within your organization, but don't know where to start? Join IMPACT Breakout Session Speaker Whitney Parnell from Service Never Sleeps for a day-long Allyship workshop.

This training will equip you with tools to be an active ally for racial justice through methods of centering people of color, influencing others, and continuing your own self-work journey. You’ll leave this intensive fast-paced workshop feeling committed to the Allyship lifestyle,and prepared to facilitate change in your own work place.

If you’re considering how to bring an awareness of and commitment to racial equity in your work, then the workshops are a great opportunity for you and your colleagues to learn together.

The Allyship training will be offered five times - May 23, June 3, 4, 19 and 21 and the cost is $50. Space is limited so sign up soon. Lunch will be provided and scholarships are available. Please email for more information.



To learn more about Whitney Parnell and her work, here are a few readings to review: