ACT for Alexandria

Building Capacity to Do Good

ACT has always been committed to strengthening the local nonprofit sector.  Over the past 13 years, ACT has invested nearly $1 million in capacity building grants to Alexandria nonprofits.  During our strategic planning process, we heard from our nonprofit community about the importance of these capacity building investments.  Many remarked that this funding is unique, rare and highly-valued as it is important for nonprofits to invest in themselves to better carry out their mission-related work.  

The capacity building grants process will begin on July 30th with an opportunity for nonprofit organizations to submit a Letter of Inquiry application.  For more information about the grants process including funding priorities and important dates, visit:  You are also encouraged to contact Brandi Yee at with any questions.

ACT will invest $75,000 in capacity building grants for Alexandria nonprofits, but we typically receive more requests than we are able to fund.  Donor Advised Fund holders are invited to participate in the grantmaking process with ACT as a Side-by-Side Investor. The Side-by-Side Investment program will provide donors with an insider’s view into ACT’s grantmaking and an in-depth look at the needs of our local nonprofits.  For more information, contact Heather Peeler at  .