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Coming Soon - Spring2ACTion 2017

Now that spring has arrived, it's time for Spring2ACTion, Alexandria’s annual day of giving.

Starting in 2011 with 47 participating organizations, a total of 1,265 donations were received amounting to $104,156 for local nonprofits—funds they would not necessarily have gotten without this online opportunity.  Fast forward to April 2016 where the numbers increased dramatically as Spring2ACTion generated $1,337,493 for 153 Alexandria nonprofits, an increase of over $60,000 from the year before and $1.2 million since its inception.

Digging a little deeper into the numbers, since its beginning Spring2ACTion has raised $4,728,348 to support local nonprofits.  These donations have assisted organizations in providing a variety of resources and services including food, shelter, education and health care.  Funds received have also been given to support the arts, animals, law enforcement, child care, libraries, schools, and sports programs for our community.  No matter what your cause or your passion, there’s an organization participating in Spring2ACTion to match your interests.

This year’s annual giving day arrives in just 27 days—April 5, 2017.  However, for those so inclined, you can preload your donations beginning on March 20th—the first official day of spring.  With over 150 participating organizations again this year, our community is assured of exceeding last year’s donation level and raising important funds to support nonprofits serving our wonderful community. 

But it’s not all about the dollars.  Spring2ACTion provides important online crowdfunding training for local nonprofit leaders—skills which can be used throughout the year and helps to strengthen the community by bringing individuals and businesses together for a common cause, one which surely will enhance the lives of those who donate as well as those who directly benefit from their contributions.  The more we connect with others and build lasting relationships, the more we grow and the more the community benefits by what we accomplish together.

So, what to do?  Now, it’s your turn to show the nonprofits and our community how much you care and want to help.  Whether you are able to give ten dollars or ten thousand dollars, your gifts are valuable and important to the organizations you select.  From helping the homeless, to providing increased educational opportunities for preschoolers, to supporting your artistic passion, to helping with animal adoptions, you can make a difference.

I encourage you to go to and become one of what we hope are over 10,000 donors this year.  You can provide a matching gift to the organization of your choosing and help spread the word to others who may be interested in participating.  No donation is too small nor, might I add, are any too large.  And with the expanded timeframe for giving, you don’t have to wait until April 5th when your schedule may prevent you from participating.  You can do it beginning on the 20th. 

As I’ve said many times before, I truly believe you will find that giving to help others, in addition to making a difference and having an impact on them, will do the same for you.  In the words of baseball legend Jackie Robinson, “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”  You can have an impact.  Will you?  

By John Porter, ACT President and CEO

Special thanks to the Alexandria Times for publishing John's monthly column.