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Golden Opportunities: Secrets for Deducting Donations, Unlocking the Potential of Your IRA and Minimizing Medicare Premiums

When:  Tuesday, June 11th 3pm to 4pm

Where: Mia’s Italian Kitchen, 100 King Street

  • Did you know that the new higher standard deduction might mean you can no longer deduct your donations to your favorite nonprofits?
  • Did you know after age 70 ½ years, you can use your IRA to donate to causes you care about and lower your taxable income?
  • Did you know that your Mandatory Minimum Distribution from your IRA could cause you to pay higher Medicare premiums?

Millions of Americans can no longer get a tax deduction for their charitable donations under the new tax laws. There are simple strategies available to seniors that can help you minimize taxes and maximize your giving to those causes you care about.  We will ask the experts with local estate attorney Kim Fiske and wealth advisor Laurie Blackburn explaining some strategies that might make sense for you.

This is sure to be an informative and informal talk. Light refreshments will be served. 

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