ACT for Alexandria

Listening and Learning from the Community

The first community foundation was established in 1914 in Cleveland. Today there are more than 760 community foundations around the country. ACT for Alexandria is one of them.

Community foundations are unique institutions.  According to the Lily Family School of Philanthropy at Indiana University, community foundations:

  • are focused on a geographic region and serve the needs of all the citizens in their region;
  • raise money in their communities and support local non-profits;
  • are governed by local citizens who identify and fund the community’s priorities;
  • are non-partisan and non-political, but may take a stand for the good of the community; and
  • are open and inclusive, build trust, and report back to the community on a regular basis.

At ACT, we take the “community” label seriously. This this summer, in between back yard barbecues and trips to the beach, ACT will be reaching out to you, our community. As we consider our priorities for the next few years, we want your input. We want to understand your perspective and your insights in order to craft a collective vision for Alexandria and ACT. By seeing things from our community’s point of view, we will better understand what’s important and where we can have more impact. 

Our website will regularly feature ways for you to get involved and lend your voice.  I look forward to hearing from you so that together we create path forward to ensure that Alexandria is a vibrant community for all.

By Heather Peeler, ACT President & CEO