ACT for Alexandria

Stand Up for Alexandria

In one year, we will all be asked to participate in one of the most important expressions of our democracy – the 2020 Census.  The U.S. Constitution mandates that once a decade, we count the number of people that live in the United States.  This data is used to draw congressional districts, determine amount of federal funding that flows back into communities, and guide decision making for businesses, local governments and others about issues that affect all of us.

This powerful video from the Ford Foundation explains why it is critical for all of us to get involved with the 2020 Census. 

You can also read more in Heather Peeler's latest op-ed in the Alexandria Times

Finally, here’s information on what the City of Alexandria is doing to ensure that all Alexandria residents are counted. 

Inspired to get involved, reach out to Heather Peeler ( or Brandi Yee ( to discuss ways you can make a difference.