ACT for Alexandria

Strategic Planning Update: Nonprofit Leaders Weigh In

On August 23, ACT hosted the first of two workshops for nonprofit leaders to share their ideas and perspectives and help ACT continue to hone its strategic focus.  Through a series of design thinking exercises, participants generated ideas about the following questions:

  • How might ACT identify areas of need and mobilize investments to those areas?
  • How might ACT successful take a stand on important issues?
  • How might ACT effectively build bridges across institutions, communities and neighborhoods, and connect people to each other?

Participants put their creative energy to work and identified ways ACT can do more to convene, listen and share stories across organizations and neighborhoods. 

Community engagement has been central in our planning efforts.  See what we are learning an hearing from the community by visiting the strategic planning section of our website

By Heather Peeler, President & CEO