ACT for Alexandria

Why Do You Give?

ACT’s strategic planning process is driven by stakeholder engagement. We want a deeper understanding of our stakeholders interests and perspectives – including the thoughts of donors and people who give to nonprofits in Alexandria.  By engaging our stakeholders, we hope to develop a shared vision for Alexandria and answer the question:  Where and how can ACT add the most value to our community?  The ultimate result of the strategic planning process is a strategic compass that will give direction to our work in the years ahead.

A few weeks ago, we emailed a survey to people who have donated to ACT and asked them in turn to share the survey with a few of their friends.  We asked people to share why they give and who they turn to for advice. 

So far, the survey confirms what we know.  Alexandria is a generous community.  The clear majority – 87% -- said that charitable giving was very or extremely important to them.  They want to support causes they care about.  And 89% said they give to help others or improve their community. 

Finally, friends and family are the most common resource that donors turn to for advice on giving. 


Do these experiences align with your own? Why do you give?  It’s not too late to add your perspective.  Click here to take the survey

 By Heather Peeler, President & CEO