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Your Donation at Work: Alexandria Soccer Association Builds Leadership

As an ACT donor YOU are making a lasting difference in the lives of others. The difference YOU make just might surprise you. Take for example Alexandria Soccer Association (ASA).

When Executive Director Tommy Park started with ASA in 2011, the organization served 1,800 kids, including 180 low-income families and operated as a traditional local youth sports club.  After Tommy's participation in the ACT executive coaching program in 2014, then receiving their first ACT grant in 2016 for strategic planning, the ASA leadership began to recognize the full potential for impacting the community beyond the sport. Having a plan allowed them to be more strategic and community-minded in their expansion and invest in the professional development of their staff.

In 2017, ACT, with support from donors like YOU, awarded a $15,000 capacity building grant to Alexandria Soccer Association for their “Pathway to Gold Project” to build the leadership and capacity of their team. “I had been asking the staff to manage larger and larger teams, but many didn’t have the leadership training to do it and be successful,” says Park. Today ASA hosts more than 5,000 youth and adults in various types of soccer leagues and programs.
He credits ACT for opening the eyes of his board and staff to see themselves as not just a soccer club, but as an asset to the community. "I never would have done this leadership project on my own, but ACT provided the opportunity. It means a lot to know ACT and the community are investing in us." Other soccer clubs in the region now look to ASA as a best practice model in nonprofit management and community engagement.
Developing strong and effective leaders is key to an organization’s success and thanks to the support of donors like you, ACT is able to support community-focused organizations like Alexandria Soccer, ultimately impacting more children and families at a deeper level.
This is just one of the many ways your donation to ACT's Community Investment Grants is making a difference. In 2017, thanks to YOU, ACT was able to invest $186,350 in our community.
Do not doubt the mighty power of your donation to ACT and the difference you are making in our community and in the lives of those who live here. Thank you for your support of ACT for Alexandria! 
This fall we will launch our next round of community grants. To learn more or to participate as a donor, contact