ACT for Alexandria

Nonprofit Leader Interviews

From June 6 to July 6, ACT personally interviewed 11 Alexandria nonprofit leaders whose organizations each addressed a community need such as homelessness, animal welfare, culture and immigration, to name a few. Our goal in interviewing nonprofit leaders was to understand ACT’s place in relation to local nonprofits. The participating nonprofit organizations ranged in receipt size from $178,055 to $11.5 million. We asked each leader similar, open-ended questions that addressed 3 primary areas: a vision for Alexandria, a vision for their organization, and possibilities for ACT. Our results were consistent with our workshop outcomes. The primary areas of concern were: affordable housing, collaboration and inclusion.

                  A sampling of some of the questions:

                     1. The year is 2030. You’ve returned to Alexandria after being away for more than ten

                          years. What do you hope you’ll see and observe as you become reacquainted with

                          the community? (i.e., What is your vision for Alexandria?)  

                    2. What do you love about Alexandria?

                    3. What keeps you up at night?

                     4. How can a community foundation help create life changing results for Alexandrians?

                   5. If ACT we were to disappear, what would be missed?

                                                         Nonprofit Leader Interview Report