Partnering with ACT

Through the lens of a community leader, ACT for Alexandria looks at our area's needs, assesses resources, and envisions innovative responses. Then, ACT finds the resources to fund the solution and mobilizes the community to make it a reality.


Before ACT, our city's many youth, homeless prevention, health services and other experts had few ways to work with each other and many opportunities were lost. ACT created a more efficient solution. The Alexandria Council of Human Service Organizations, a joint project with Alexandria's Department of Human Services, brings together high-level city and nonprofit agencies to share ideas so they can collaborate and generate coordinated solutions as the area's needs change.


For the past eight years, ACT, in partnership with Capital One, has hosted IMPACT: Innovation + Philanthropy (formerly the Nonprofit Excellence Forum). The event has featured keynote speakers including Mario Morino, Billy Shore, Ted Leonsis, Cokie Roberts, Jean Case, Darell Hammond and Katherine Bradley. This free half-day forum for nonprofit and Board leaders offers professional development and insights from national and regional leaders.

Capacity Building

Our city is rich in existing nonprofit organizations, from the Alexandria Seaport Foundation and ALIVE! to The Campagna Center and Hopkins House. ACT helps these nonprofits achieve a higher level of effectiveness through education and networking for their staff and board members. ACT also provides consulting services and financial support to help nonprofits develop their organizations and their fundraising strategies through our Capacity Building Grant Program.

As a result, people and agencies throughout our city are becoming more skilled at helping others. Resources are going further and more lives are being changed.