ACT for Alexandria

Professional Advisors

Our staff is skilled in working with donors who have multi-faceted objectives and complex giving situations. As your partner in charitable giving we know that we can help you achieve three-way success: for you, for your clients and for the community.


Call or e-mail us regarding any aspect of charitable giving. We are also glad to arrange a meeting at your convenience and at a place of your choosing. We understand that your clients sometimes prefer to remain anonymous and we are glad to work directly with you on their behalf. Feel free to call us to explore an option or discuss a client situation.


We are experienced in customizing charitable giving opportunities to meet the needs of your clients. We also understand how to help you communicate the benefits of a particular strategy, so that your clients make well-informed decisions about which they feel good. We are committed to helping your clients achieve their financial and charitable goals.

Many individuals, corporations, nonprofit agencies and organizations also work with us because of our knowledge of local needs and our extensive experience in addressing community issues.

We sincerely want to be your partner in meeting the charitable giving needs of your clients. If you have questions or want to arrange a meeting with our staff, please contact ACT at (703) 739-7778.