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Alexandrians are known for their generosity. Now is the time for all of us to come together to support those who are unfairly impacted by the shutdown. We are all concerned for our neighbors who are negatively impacted by the partial Federal Government shutdown.  As the weeks go on, the hardship on families intensifies.  Many already on the financial edge may be pushed into crisis.  The demand for emergency food, childcare, rent, and utility assistance as well as mental health services is growing. 
You can help by donating to the ACT Now Fund.  
To learn more about the ACT Now Fund or to apply for a grant.  Please click here

ACT's 2017 Annual Report

Did you know that in 2017 ACT generated $2.4million in donations to Alexandria nonprofits?  Read more about ACT's impact in Alexandria 2017.  

ACT for Alexandria, a community foundation, was founded in 2004.  ACT convenes residents around issues of importance, works with nonprofits and city agencies to collaborate in areas of mutual interest and connects donors with causes about which they are passionate.  ACT provides community-minded and philanthropically inclined residents with ways to better focus their contributions in the community and thus have a broader impact on those in need and the larger community.

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