Youth Council Discovery Project Resources: Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth in Alexandria

Written and presented by members of the Youth Council:

Our research last year on the safety at home of LGBTQ+ youth in Alexandria
identified attempted conversion, abuse, suicidal ideation, and homelessness as topics
that over 40% of respondents requested additional resources for. At 75%, a website
was the preferred medium for access. Below are compiled web links for notable
crisis resources by topic. Though much of the information caters to less urgent needs,
the city of Alexandria also compiled a useful webpage of its own at


This link (
will walk youth through the process of reporting conversion therapy, which is illegal to
subject those under 18 to in the state of Virginia. Mental health support for the impact
of attempted conversion can be found at the Trevor Project’s crisis line:


LGTBQ+ Virginians experiencing relationship and sexual violence can use the hotline
at from the Virginia Anti-Violence Project.
A national youth helpline for abuse as a generality can be found at

Suicidal Ideation

In addition to the Trevor Project, trans youth can access the trans-run hotline of, which notably advertises its complete divestment from
police. People of any identity should be aware of 988, the national suicide and crisis
lifeline for which more information can be found at


In Alexandria, youth in crisis can enter designated safe places to receive immediate
help, including arranging shelter. Locate them here:

The National Runaway Safeline (, can also help youth meet immediate needs through online mechanisms.

Please don’t hesitate to call (703) 739-7778 or use our:

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