ACTion Heroes — the ACT Team

ACTion Heroes — the ACT Team

There’s a new friendly face around the ACT office. Temi Songonuga began volunteering with ACT in March. Temi is a veteran of the US Marine Corps where she had a distinguished career, including serving on the multi-national headquarters staff of the UN Mission in Mali and at the Pentagon where she worked with a cross-functional team on housing policies.  Temi has put her considerable planning and logistics management skills to use at ACT, helping with office administration and Spring2ACTion.

A newcomer to Alexandria, Temi loves the small-town feel, especially the close proximity to a very diverse metropolitan area.  She reached out to ACT looking for a way to get more involved in the community.

“After volunteering through much of the pandemic in 2020, I realized that the same socio-economic challenges that I had seen on an international level, were here at home. I also know that it’s luck of birth that first gave me an advantage in life,” Temi recently shared.  “It may sound cliche but I genuinely believe in service to others–and the happiness it brings to a person’s soul–while hopefully offering a chance for someone who needs it–in whatever capacity that need may be.  After a number of discussions, my brother-in-law recommended that I look up the local community foundation.  He explained that there is usually a small staff with a heavy load and perhaps they need some extra hands.”

Temi will continue to volunteer with ACT through the summer. “It’s been amazing to see the ownership that the staff and residents have in addressing the needs in their own community,” Temi explained when asked what she has learned during her time as a volunteer.  We are honored to have Temi on the ACT team.


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