My Reaction: Acting Together for the Greater Good

As humans we are inherently social beings.  A sense of belonging and connection is key to our health and wellbeing.  Over the past year, we have kept our distance from friends, neighbors and coworkers in order to ensure our collective safety.  There is a sense of isolation even though we have a shared experience of weathering the pandemic together.  Together, yet apart.

On April 28, ACT is hosting the 11th annual Spring2ACTion, Alexandria’s Giving Day.  It is an annual celebration of collective action, where Alexandrians come together (online!) to support our nonprofit community. When we donate to our favorite nonprofits, we are joining thousands of others in an expression of love and care for our community. And those small steps add up! Last year, our community raised $2.45M for 160 nonprofit organizations providing a range of services and programs that make Alexandria a great place to live and work. What can we achieve together this year?

As COVID-19 continues to disrupt our daily lives, it continues to wreak havoc on the economy and the health of friends and neighbors. Communities of color and those on the financial edge pre-pandemic shoulder disproportionate hardship.  The programs and services provided by Alexandria’s nonprofits are needed now more than ever.  From the arts and education to the environment and animals, Alexandria’s nonprofits create the essential fabric that weaves our community together.

Acting together for the greater good is at the heart of ACT’s work as a community foundation.  From the beginning, our founders understood that we could achieve more together than we could alone.  Serving as a hub, ACT builds connection, facilitates action, and amplifies individual acts of generosity.  It is why, since 2010, we have invested more than $500,000 in Spring2ACTion as a platform.  It provides tools, know-how and an easy-to-use online portal so that nonprofits can share their stories of impact.  It makes giving easy. It makes giving together easy.

This year, Spring2ACTion will continue to be a celebration of what can be achieved through the power of collective action.  We appreciate all the local businesses, donors, nonprofits and everyone who champions Spring2ACTion.  Acting together for the greater good is at the hear of Alexandria too.


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