Exciting Spring2ACTion Stats!

With Spring2ACTion now in its twelfth year, it’s always exciting to look back to where we’ve been and where we’re going. Let’s take a look at some of the changes between last year and this year!

We always love seeing our local businesses getting involved, and they’re showing up this year! We have 30 Business Fundraiser for Spring2ACTion, head over to our Business Fundraisers page to see who they are and who they support!

Speaking of local businesses, how exciting is it to see three new business associations? We love seeing people get together to do good, and these Business Associations are leading the way.

And look at that! 171 Nonprofits, an increase of 15 new groups doing work right here in Alexandria! Take a look at our participating organizations to find a cause you love and care about.

Early giving is already underway, but we can’t contain our excitement for the big day, April 27th! Thank you for supporting your community and joining with us on Alexandria’s Giving Day! Visit www.spring2action.org today to give back to your community!


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