Strategic Planning

ACT’s theory of change: if we center community voice AND mobilize partners to invest in people struggling against inequities, we can create greater collective well-being in our community.

Our strategic plan outlines ACT’s four pillars of support to the Alexandria Community: Support Giving, Support Nonprofit Success, Support Community Voice, and Support Community Well-Being. Building upon our recent success and fueled with a strategic direction determined by the community, ACT is poised to work with our partners to make meaningful progress on entrenched issues and significantly address economic well-being by mobilizing holistic solutions.

Our Goals and Objectives

Over the next three years, we will take deliberate, thoughtful steps forward in implementing our strategic plan.  We will monitor our progress using the following goals and objectives.

Watch the ACT Nonprofit Stakeholder Briefing: Presenting our Strategic Plan

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Presentation Slides

Participatory Planning:  Our Approach

ACT took a participatory approach to strategic planning. Read more about our approach and what we learned, and meet the incredible planning team that led the work. -us/strategic-planning/our-planning-process/

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