Leading ACTor: Reingold

As ACT for Alexandria has worked to improve the lives of all Alexandrians, we have been fortunate that generous and community-minded businesses have aided our mission through donated services. Over the past 7 years, Reingold – an Alexandria-based marketing and advertising firm – has donated time and talent to allow ACT to be innovative, provide quality communications, and sustain our work. Since its founding 1985, Reingold has been oriented toward being a purpose-driven company doing socially meaningful and relevant work. They are a private sector firm with a public service soul.

According to Reingold Vice President and ACT Board Member Joseph LaMountain, “We like to work on projects that are meaningful to the community in which we work. The projects we are doing with ACT for Alexandria align with our company culture by helping those in need and addressing key issues like racial equity. This support comes from the top and wouldn’t be possible without the support of Reingold partners Kevin Miller, Joseph Ney and Jack Benson.”

Reingold has made a significant investment of staff time and talent to help ACT curate our image, branding, and communications strategy. Most recently, Reingold worked with ACT over many months to revamp and modernize ACT’s website, which launched in June. When asked why Reingold chooses to partner with ACT, Mr. LaMountain responded, “We’re based in Alexandria so we are a part of the community. We want to be a solid corporate citizen and give back to the place where we work every day and where many of us live. Because ACT is a convener, and helps many nonprofits, by investing in ACT we are essentially helping the entire nonprofit and social services community. It’s like investing in a mutual fund instead of buying a single stock – we’re buying stock in the entire community and seeking to impact everyone.”

LaMountain further explained “Our partnership with ACT allows us to engage in projects that drive important issues, like affordable housing or helping those new to our country. For example, racial equity is really important to us as a company and we are examining and working on our company culture. Having the opportunity to help facilitate a dialogue and work with ACT to address this issue within the broader community of Alexandria is important to us.”

Reingold’s offices are adjacent to Freedom House, a site that was headquarters to five domestic slave trading firms including Franklin and Armfield, the nation’s largest slave trading operation from 1828 to 1836. LaMountain reflected, “Almost 200 years later, we are now working in the complete opposite direction from the same location, trying to build equity and address these wrongs.”

ACT for Alexandria is grateful for Reingold’s leadership and staff who have so generously supported our work over the years. We especially would like to extend our appreciation to Reingold’s partners – Jack Benson, Kevin Miller, and Joseph Ney – for their belief and investment in ACT and our mission.



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