My ReACTion: Easy ways for you to Spring2ACTion!

by Heather Peeler

Are you part of the 60%?

Did you know that six out of ten households in the US gives a donation to a nonprofit each year? Philanthropy and giving back are cornerstone American values. And these values are on full display here in Alexandria, a community known for its generosity.

Next Wednesday, April 27, you can join your friends and neighbors in Alexandria‘s biggest event giving event of the year: Spring2ACTion. Early giving underway, so now is the time to craft your giving plan:

  1. Commit to give. We all lead busy, hectic lives. School pick ups and drop-offs, doctors’ appointments, zoom meetings and the like crowd our calendars. Invitations to in-person gatherings are multiplying as we focus on resuming our pre-COVID lives. Busy calendars make it easy to lose track of things, but your participation in Spring2ACTion is too important to leave to chance. Schedule time on your calendar to go online and give at this weekend or on Wednesday, April 27.
  2. Create your list of nonprofits. There are 171 nonprofits participating in this year’s giving day – the most ever! Consider your passions and the causes you care about. There are likely several nonprofits that are addressing the issues that are most important to you. At you can search by cause or by individual nonprofit. Each organization has created an informative and inspiring page to tell you about their work and how they are making a difference.
  3. Tell your friends. Giving on Spring2ACTion is a collective, community wide endeavor. When we each give – no matter the amount – our donations add up! The minimum donation is only $5, and every donation counts. Our goal is to engage 10,000 Alexandrians in this year’s event. If you look forward to the excitement and energy of Spring2ACTion every year like I do, then invite your friends, neighbors and colleagues to join in the fun!
  4. Attend an event. As we begin to build a new normal, more and more of us are gathering in person. This is the first Spring2ACTion in two years where can connect and celebrate in person. Many participating nonprofits are hosting events in the lead up to and on the day of Spring2ACTion. Check out the events calendar to see what’s going on and participate!

Our goal this year is to raise $2.5 million to support the essential work of Alexandria’s nonprofits. And for many, Spring2ACTion is their biggest fundraiser. However, the day is more than a goal. It’s a way for us to express our love and concern for one another and to celebrate Alexandria. Join us in giving back to the community we love!


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