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Championing Career Readiness: Najmah Ahmad’s Dedication to Alexandria’s Youth

Championing Career Readiness: Najmah Ahmad’s Dedication to Alexandria’s Youth Passion for youth is something that Najmah Ahmad has in abundance. I...

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Celebrating Community: Debra Collins

It’s impossible to celebrate 20 years of ACT without sharing Debra Collins’ story. Since the moment she moved to Alexandria in 2003 as Human Ser...

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Leading ACTor: Cecilia Garcia Meruvia

Meet Cecilia Garcia Meruvia, Community Advisory Board Member for the Fund for Racial Equity! Cecilia’s warmth and passion for advocacy are clear to...

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Leading ACTor: Lisa Guernsey

Meet ACT Board Member Lisa Guernsey, pictured here with her two daughters, Gillian and Janelle! In conversation with Lisa, her passion for many ca...

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Leading ACTor: Peter Madigan

My parents taught me about giving from a young age. I grew up in a big family of seven kids in Maine, and generosity was a key lesson. We were taug...

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Seeding the Fund for Racial Equity

A Donor's Story by Richard E. Merritt My heart and passion for racial equity was largely shaped by my participation in ACT’s Racial Equity Learn...

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New Grant Opportunity: Food Security

New Grant Opportunity! ACT for Alexandria, in partnership with the City of Alexandria Department of Community & Human Services (DCHS), is pleas...

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New Laws Can Mean Smart Giving Strategies

In December 2022, the “SECURE 2.0” Act (“Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement) was signed into law and included changes to the Qua...

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Relief funds have run out, and legal protections are slim.

By Shirley Ruhe, Alexandria Gazette Packet Wednesday, June 21, 2023 Things are tight but going along ok. Then your daughter has an auto accid...

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Meet the Birenbaums – Making Philanthropic Dreams Come True with ACT’s Donor Advised Funds

Meet Ilona and Matt Birenbaum, ACT fund holders who are using a Donor Advised Fund to help invest in the social issues they care about the most. ...

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