IMPACT Racial Equity Forum


The IMPACT Forum convenes board, business, City, community, philanthropic, and nonprofit leaders to discuss innovations in philanthropy and strategies for building the capacity of nonprofit organizations and individuals to make a lasting impact in the community.  The Forum features expert speakers, insightful conversation, purposeful networking, and personal reflection that enables attendees to deepen their commitment to a racially equitable Alexandria.

The 2021 event builds upon a journey we began in 2019.  As Alexandria’s community foundation, the vision of a vibrant and equitable community is core to our work. It is important for us to hear from the community about what is needed to move forward to make this vision a reality. The Forum offers an opportunity for attendees to discuss ways in which to promote racial equity in their personal lives, in their workplace, and within the larger community. These conversations also help inform ACT’s Racial Equity Capacity Building Initiative and grantmaking.

We encourage everyone to participate in the Racial Equity 30-Day Challenge, a month long personal study program hosted by the City of Alexandria’s Office of Race and Social Equity.  Facilitated conversations will take place on Wednesdays – June 16, 23, 30 and July 7 at noon.  To register, click here.



All Alexandria – Past, Present & Future

Breakout Session: All Alexandria – Past, Present, & Future with Audrey Davis, Dr. Krystyn Moon, and Daniel Lee

Breakout Session: Community Member Panel with Jaqueline Tucker, Angy Alvarado, and Tesfaye Amberber

Freedom House Museum | City of Alexandria, VA (

Escape on the Pearl – HarperCollins

Alexandria Community Remembrance Project | City of Alexandria, VA (

1939 Alexandria Library Sit-In – Alexandria Library (

Immigrant Alexandria: Past, Present and Future | City of Alexandria, VA (

New Americans in Alexandria (

Celebrate Juneteenth 2021 | City of Alexandria, VA (

Pre-K Storytime: Juneteenth – Alexandria Library (

Culture Queen – Alexandria Library (

ALL Alexandria Resolution Annotations Page | City of Alexandria, VA (

Immigrant Alexandria | Immigrant Alexandria: A UMW History Project

Collections at the Alexandria Black History Museum | City of Alexandria, VA (

Subject Index of Oral History Transcriptions | City of Alexandria, VA (

(PDF) The African American Housing Crisis in Alexandria, Virginia, 1930s-1960s | Krystyn Moon –

From Arlandria to Chirilagua: The Shifting Demographics of a Northern Virginia Neighborhood – The Metropole

A guide to Indigenous land acknowledgment – Native Governance Center

ALL Alexandria – Achieving Racial and Social Equity | City of Alexandria, VA (

Mobility from Poverty

Keynote Address: What Would it Take to Dramatically Increase Mobility from Poverty? with Nisha Patel

Restoring the American Dream | The US Partnership on Mobility from Poverty (

The Opportunity Atlas

The Opportunity Atlas: Mapping the Childhood Roots of Social Mobility | Opportunity Insights

The US Partnership on Mobility from Poverty (

john a. powell | Othering & Belonging Institute (

The Babies in the River: Creating Equitable Safety Nets and Springboards to Opportunity | Social Policy Institute | Washington University in St. Louis (

Advance Child Tax Credit Payments in 2021 | Internal Revenue Service (

Can a Guaranteed Income Pilot Advance a Method of Policymaking That Affirms Human Dignity? | Ascend at the Aspen Institute

Living Cities

Strong Towns

The 5 Immutable Laws of Affordable Housing (

New Americans in Alexandria (

COVID-19 Emergency Rent Relief Assistance Program | City of Alexandria, VA (

Interactive Screening Program | AFSP

Narrative Change & Storytelling from the Margins

Storytelling Project Model – Organizing Engagement

Power_CA-Cultural_Strategy_Primer-01_digital.pdf (

Making Reconstruction Count – Virginia Humanities

Black Then | Discovering Our History

Operationalizing DEI

Breakout Session: The Leadership Imperative and Operationalizing DEI with Swafia Ames

Using a DEI Lens When Enacting Change | Brighter Strategies

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: A Framework to Make it Happen | Brighter Strategies

A Framework for Starting Your DEI Strategy | Brighter Strategies

Workplace Discrimination Harms Businesses Financially – Center for American Progress

Why We Need to Drop the Ide of 100% Board Giving

Hey, You Got a Little Racism Stuck in Your Teeth

The Difference | Scott E Page (

American Rescue Plan Act Funding & Alexandria City Council

Docket (

City Council Speaker’s Form (

Mayor & City Council | City of Alexandria, VA (

A guide to Indigenous land acknowledgment – Native Governance Center

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