Alexandria Community Access and Emergency Support Grant Program


The Alexandria Community Access and Emergency Support Grant Program funded by the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARPA) is a project built upon findings from the City’s 2021 Emergency Bridge Pilot Program.

The Community Access program will help to provide navigation support to ensure individuals are enrolled in key local, state, and federal programs that they are eligible for. This program will be offered as a one-time funding opportunity offered over a 20-month period. Grant awards up to $165,000 will be available.

The Emergency Support program will provide tangible and emergency financial aid that includes but is not limited to gift cards, transportation assistance, childcare, eviction prevention, and rental assistance. This program will be offered in six (6) month increments. Grant awards up to $65,000 will be available.

Recognizing nonprofits have deep, trusted relationships with community members, ACT will be managing this grant process and working in collaboration with the City’s Department of Community & Human Services to ensure that individuals and families are accessing federal and state programs and that ongoing resource needs are met through the provision of tangible aid.

Please see the link below to register for the information session on Tuesday, February 15, 2022, at 9:30am to learn more about the grant program.  If you are unable to attend the info session, the video will be posted here under Resources upon completion. The grant application link will be posted on February 15, 2022. Grant applications will need to be submitted by March 8, 2022. Award notifications will be made by March 25, 2022.

This program is being supported, in whole or in part, by the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds award number 21.027 awarded to the City of Alexandria, Virginia by the U.S. Department of Treasury.


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Unallowable Costs List

How often will we report on numbers served and demographics and staff FTE?
Organizations will be required to track expenses on a monthly basis, but reporting will be submitted to ACT on a quarterly basis.

For the Emergency Support grant program, how much of those funds can go towards supporting the staff responsible for dispersing those funds?
Administrative expenses related to your request cannot exceed 10%, unless the organization has a federally negotiated indirect cost rate. If this is the case, then this should be reflected in the overall project budget.

Are we able to charge our federally approved indirect rate as opposed to the de minimus rate?
Applicants with a federally negotiated indirect cost rate may allocate this rate in the proposed, and prior the final award for successful applicants. Verification of the federally negotiated indirect cost rate will be required.

Does staff have to track time spent for these programs?
Yes; any amount of staff time associated with the administering of the funds has to be tracked.

Are medical expenses (i.e. co-pays or money for prescriptions) counted as “eligible services” for the Community Access Grant Program?
Yes; these are eligible according to the Medical expense category of allowable expenses.

If requesting funding for job training assistance, could we charge a trainer’s salary/benefits as a direct expense and then charge administrative expenses separately?
No; Emergency Support grant must address the emergency needs of residents.

What type of client documentation is required to show negative impact from the Covid-19 pandemic?
Applicants may use existing verification protocols/procedures. If they do not have one, applicants must provide one before the execution of the award agreement or use a form provided by ACT.

The staff responsible for submitting financial data will have staff time that won’t be evident at the beginning of the grant period. Does it need to declared at the beginning?
Yes; staff time for the administration costs of the project needs to be estimated/projected for the use of admin time and added in the budget.

Can we hold funds for a service navigator that is set to start at a later date?
The expectation is that organizations will implement services and programs upon award. Anyone requesting these funds will need to be prepared to do so.

Is it possible that the awarded organizations will be taking more community referrals than the amount they are serving currently?
Yes; organizations receiving Emergency Support funding are expected to receive referrals outside of their current constituents.


Grant Application

Click here for the info session recording. For the presentation slides from the info session or PDF copies of the grant applications, please see below.

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