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Vaccine Outreach & Engagement

Investing in outreach to specific populations is necessary as language, literacy and technology barriers pose a challenge for many community members to understanding the benefits of the vaccine and accessing and navigating the appointment system or learning about walk-in opportunities.  Many of these community members live and work in conditions with fewer options to protect themselves and their families from COVID-19. Many are not able to work from home or isolate themselves within their home. They may not have paid time off from work or affordable, rapid access to testing or medical care. These factors make the COVID-19 vaccination even more of a critical tool in the battle against virus for this population.

About 25% of eligible residents have not received COVID-19 vaccines. That figure doesn’t include eligible workers in Alexandria. Factors that contribute to hesitancy concerning the vaccine may include a lack of knowledge about vaccine eligibility, importance of receiving the vaccination, distrust of the healthcare system and government agencies, or all of these. Given these challenges, the grant program would like to support organizations that have existing trusted relationships with Alexandrians to ensure communities understand the benefits and safety of COVID-19 vaccines and have the tools to receive the vaccine available throughout the community.

This fall and winter, there will be vaccination needs for different groups of people that will require distinct outreach and education approaches. Organizations are encouraged to select one or more area of focus that they are best positioned to support. This includes vaccines for kids ages 5-11 once they are authorized, third doses for significantly immunocompromised individuals, booster shots for the general public (with an emphasis on those with medical vulnerability or historically marginalized communities), and continued promotion of first doses.  This work should be focused on individuals that either live or work in the city of Alexandria. Organizations are encouraged to note and select any of the specific criteria that applies to their work so these priority areas can be addressed collaboratively with this grant program.

In partnership with funding from the Alexandria Health Department (AHD), ACT for Alexandria awarded grants to Community Partners to assist with COVID-19 vaccine education and outreach support across communities in Alexandria. The Sleeves Up, ALX program activities will operate for five months: November 2021 to March 2022.

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Alexandria Health Department Materials


COVID-19 Pico PODS Flyer_Amharic COVID-19 Pico PODS Flyer_Spanish COVID-19 Pico PODS Flyer_English FINAL Community Day 2022 Flyer-Eng

Alexandrians Get Vaccinated Flyer – Week of March 28_Location & Hours_English Alexandrians Get Vaccinated Flyer – Week of March 28_Location & Hours_Spanish Alexandrians Get Vaccinated Flyer – Week of March 28_Location & Hours_Amharic

Alexandrians Get Vaccinated Flyer – Week of March 14_Location & Hours_English Alexandrians Get Vaccinated Flyer – Week of March 14_Location & Hours_Spanish Alexandrians Get Vaccinated Flyer – Week of March 14_Location & Hours_AmharicCommunity Day 2022 Flyer_April and May Dates_English

Video: Spanish Webinar on Pediatric COVID-19 Vaccination, hosted by Alexandria Health Department on 1/27/2022 – “Sesión informativa sobre las vacunas covid-19 para niños de 5 a 11 años”

Vaccine-FAQs-Kids-5-11 English Vaccine-FAQs-Kids-5-11 Amharic Vaccine-FAQs-Kids-5-11 Arabic Vaccine-FAQs-Kids-5-11 Spanish Vaccine-FAQs-Kids-5-11 Korean Vaccine-FAQs-Kids-5-11 Dari Vaccine-FAQs-Kids-5-11 Pashto Vaccine-FAQs-Kids-5-11 Tagalog Vaccine-FAQs-Kids-5-11 Urdu  Vaccine-FAQs-Kids-5-11 Vietnamese Vaccine-FAQs-Kids-5-11 Chinese

Vaccine Preparation English Vaccine Preparation Spanish

Vaccination Factsheet – AmharicVaccination Factsheet – Spanish Vaccination Factsheet – English COVID-19 Vaccine Myths – Arabic and AmharicCOVID-19 Vaccine Myths – English and SpanishFree COVID-19 Vaccines Flyer – English and SpanishFor questions or to submit suggestions about these printed materials, please contact Natalie Talis, MPH – Population Health Manager, Alexandria Health Department at or 703-746-4914.

If you have an appointment scheduled with a provider and need to contact them about rescheduling or cancelling, please contact them directly. For general questions, please contact the Alexandria COVID-19 Hotline at 703.746.4988, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.

Vaccination Information

Vaccine supplies and providers are widely available in Alexandria through both the Alexandria Health Department and private providers like pharmacies and doctor offices.

If you want to request having vaccines available at your location or for an event, please fill out the Health Department’s request form to utilize their existing, free coordination services.

COVID-19 Vaccines

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COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

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Please contact Leeann Napoleon at or 703-739-7778.

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